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My decision to become a chiropractor grew out of the realization that the allopathic medical model, while excellent for emergency situations and extreme trauma, had very little to offer for most other health complaints besides symptom suppression. A health care system using natural methods, relying on healthy living principles and removing what interferes with and impedes innate vitality seemed to be a no brainer. That such a system and the philosophy it espouses is not the primary one for the entire poplulation has resulted in the increasingly unhealthy nation we have today.

I was fortunate to have had a mosty healthy life with very few illnesses and only minor injuries. My very infrequent encounters with the world of allopathic drug-oriented treatments and their potential (and often actual) side effects left me dissatisfied and wary. Those treatments ought to be the last resort. There is a better way and it can be found here, where you will be given the tools to live in a healthy way.

Health is simple although not necessarily easy in that it takes will- power and willingness to make the choices that lead to well being. The path to poor health may be briefly satisfying in the short term but negative effects manifest sooner than we think, are cumulative, and in the long term become deadly. Remember, no one is ill because of a pharmaceutical drug shortage or, for that matter, due to a shortage of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or (name your toxin). We do get ill from overburdening the systems in our bodies with poisons, inactivity and stress.

I work with other health providers of all persuasions to make sure you receive the comprehensive care you need for a complete recovery and, where possible, to get to an even better place. I have been in practice since 1989 and before that studied massage and energy techniques. I also bring over forty years of meditation and spiritual study into my work.

Be Happy, Live Well, that is the goal of our work. ~Dr. Bob Ratzow, D.C.

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Dr. Bill Henderson (Dr. Bill) also received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Western States Chiropractic College right here in Portland in 2002. Dr. Henderson attended undergraduate school at Southern Oregon University where he played football. Before going into business with Dr. Halko, he practiced in a personal injury clinic in SE Portland for 2 years gaining valuable experience. He is also originally from the beautiful state of Montana and enjoys going back, especially during football season!


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