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2017-5 Documenting Soft Tissue Injury: Presented by John Maltby, DC, FICA`

Total Credits: 3 including 3 DC

Doctor of Chiropractic |  Documentation |  Personal Injury
John K Maltby, DC, FICA
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John K Maltby, DC, FICA's Profile

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About Dr. John K. Maltby

A graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic, and practicing in Blythe, California, Dr. Maltby is a renowned chiropractic doctor and advocate. Beyond his successful practice, he is an experienced and popular instructor and a consultant to individual chiropractic practitioners and companies for documentation and credentials protocols, case-management practices, and chiropractic techniques. He served as past president and chairman of the board of the International Chiropractors Association of California (ICAC), and as the Chair of the Programs Committee for the ICA Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences. Additionally, Dr. Maltby is a highly requested speaker who regularly lectures worldwide on the many advantages of chiropractic.