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2018-5 Adjustive Technique: Presented by Francis Murphy, DC

Total Credits: 3.5 including 3.5 DC

Adjustive Techniques |  Doctor of Chiropractic
Francis Murphy, DC
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Francis Murphy, DC's Profile

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Francis Murphy DC is President and CEO of OTZ Health Education Systems in Dallas, Texas and is the author of Frozen Shoulder Treatment & Diagnosis, A Physicians’ Training Manual.  In 2006 Dr Murphy discovered a cervical spine cause of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome and he now teaches the OTZ Tension Adjustment Technique to doctors all over the world.

Dr Murphy graduated with honors from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1995, is certified in full body Active Release Techniques, and is currently chief clinician in practice at Whole Health Partners, in Dallas Texas. In addition Dr. Murphy serves as treating doctor and clinician for Southern Methodist University, providing top chiropractic techniques to amateur elite athletes in football, track & field, swimming and soccer.  He also serves on the postgraduate faculty of Parker University.

Dr. Murphy was highlighted in the book Medicine Men; Heartwarming Tales of Texas Docs and the 2012 documentary Doctored.  He continues to educate fellow clinicians and patient focus groups on the debilitating effects of postural injuries.