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2021-10: MVA Documentation -- Supporting the Patient Diagnosis of Concussion Presenters: The Gatti Law Firm

Total Credits: 2 CA, 2 DC

Documentation |  Concussion |  Chiropractic Health & Wellness |  Doctor of Chiropractic
Gatti Law Firm, Attorneys |  James Healy |  Nicole Tudhope |  Jason Voorhees |  Nathaniel Woodward |  Ron Sayer |  Ryan Jennings |  Mike Smith |  Jennifer Hunking |  Chris Best |  Jeff Thayer |  Andrew Schlesinger |   1 more....
2 Hours
Audio and Video
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  1. Supporting the Patient Diagnosis of Concussion
    1. Documenting Concussion – Presented by Michael Smith and Jason Voorhees
    2. Workers Comp claims and Concussion – Presented by Ryan Jennings and Andrew Schlesinger



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