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2021-12: Posture Principles and Rehab Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey McKinley

This program is not available for credit.

Total Credits: 3 CA, 3 DC

Posture |  Rehabilitation |  Chiropractic Assistants |  Doctor of Chiropractic
Jeffrey McKinley, DC, CCSP, CKTP, CPEP, FICC
3 Hours
Audio and Video
Video Access:
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Hours 1-4:  Posture Principles & Rehab

1st Hour:

  • Review ortho/neuro, foot scan, and x-ray evaluation

  • Creating plan of care

  • Case studies

2nd Hour:

  • What is posture?

  • 5 Posture Principles

3rd Hour:

  • Posture Zones

  • Balance exercises

  • Therapeutic exercise breakout

4th Hour:

  • Alignment exercises

  • Therapeutic exercise breakout

  • Mirror exercises for postural distortions



Jeffrey McKinley, DC, CCSP, CKTP, CPEP, FICC's Profile

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In practice since 1990 in McMinnville, TN, he is the clinical director of Middle Tennessee Spine & Joint, a multi-disciplinary practice that includes chiropractic, medical, physical therapy, and massage therapy. He is a member of the Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee for Tennessee, a member of the ACA's Medicare Committee, and has lectured to chiropractic physicians and staff on Medicare issues. He also was an instructor for the Certified Therapy Assistants training course, and is a contributing author to the recently published text book Chiropractic Therapy Assistant: A Clinical Resource Guide. Dr. McKinley's seminar demonstrates powerful correlation of orthopedic, biomechanic, x-ray and posture exams.