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2021-18 = African and African American Cultural Competency = 2 CE

Total Credits: 2 including 2 CA, 2 CA, 2 DC, 2 DC, 2 Meets Requirement for Cultural Competency, 2 Meets Requirement for Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency |  Chiropractic Assistants |  Doctor of Chiropractic
James L. Mason, PhD
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Organizational Cultural Competence Assessment & Training (OCCAT)

Dr. James Mason, PhD owns and operates a DEI and Cultural Competence consulting firm. The company OCCAT specializes in health and human service deliveries, however, have performed DEI work in other areas. They offer a full range of services including cultural audit to strategic planning. Areas have included employee and organizational development, community engagement, clinical education, multicultural team building, policy and leadership development as examples.