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2022-07 = "Shockwave" -- New & Innovative Therapy = 1 CE

Total Credits: 1 CA, 1 DC, 1 Student and Others, 1 Pain Management

Chiropractic Assistants |  Doctor of Chiropractic |  Pain Management and Care Options |  Rehabilitation |  Pain Management
Dennis Cozzocrea, DC, CCEP
1 Hour
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Dennis Cozzocrea, DC, CCEP's Profile

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Dr Cozzocrea earned his doctor of chiropractic degree in 1990 from Palmer College in Iowa. Prior to moving to the Portland area in 2015, he was the director and owner of a large multidisciplinary clinic in Central Washington. 

He began as a chiropractic patient himself after having years of debilitating headaches. He gets adjusted at least once a month, and so do all of his family members and office staff.

He has had success with a wide variety of conditions including headaches, neck & shoulder pain, low back pain, herniated disc, TMJ and allergies. His goal is to help patients achieve the good health they deserve in an all-natural way. Life is meant to be led pain free. 

In addition, He has taught Functional Nutrition to health care providers around the country. He is also the father of five children and enjoys reading, skiing and hiking. He considers himself a yoga zealot since 1992, practicing virtually everyday.