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2022-17 = Proper Scripting and Bringing the WOW to Every Visit = 2.5 CE

Total Credits: 2.5 CA, 2.5 Student and Others

Chiropractic Assistants |  Office practice and procedures
Lori Morgan, Team Coach
2.5 Hours
Audio and Video
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Lori Morgan, Team Coach's Profile

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Chiropractic Assistants for Life

Lori Morgan is the founder of C.A.’s For Life and has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant Coach and Trainer since 2001. Before that time, she worked as a C.A. for 15 years in a multi-doctor high volume practice where she developed the skills and background needed to be a successful Coach.  

Her goal as a Team Development Coach is to help every Chiropractic Assistant she mentors to become a true Chiropractic Advocate.  She understands to do so your team must be trained in scripts, systems and procedures.  They must understand and truly embrace Chiropractic Philosophy because with that understanding and confidence, they can truly help you to build the practice of your dreams. 

During her six hour C.A. Breakout session,  Lori Morgan has put together a training program for them that will address the systems and procedures for the office that are vital to practice growth.  They will include WOW 1st and 2nd visit procedures, Power of the Appointment Book, solid recall systems and the keys to Patient Retention and Referrals.  We will also walk through ‘What to Say When’ scenarios so your team is prepared for any curve ball thrown their way.

There will also be a team building workshop that will include role play and a mastermind session based on your CA’s individual needs.   

 I believe in the power of team, particularly the Chiropractic Assistant.

Unfortunately, many C.A.’s don’t realize their full potential. They also don’t have the full positive impact on their practice that they could, simply because they are untrained to do so.  Bring your team and put them on the path to becoming true Chiropractic Advocates.   Lori Morgan   Team Development Coach and owner of Chiropractic Assistants for Life.