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2023-08 Mastering the Extremities and Spine the Wong Way = 10 CE hours

Total Credits: 10 DC, 10 Student and Others

Adjustive Techniques |  Doctor of Chiropractic
Kevin Wong, DC
10 Hrs
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MASTERING THE EXTREMITIES AND SPINE THE WONG WAY This course is designed to teach Chiropractors evaluation and adjusting techniques for all regions of the spine and extremities. Discussion of anatomy, common clinical conditions, and discernIble patterns of subluxation in all body regions spans the 12 hours. Starting at the feet, the class works its’ way up through the lower extremity, the pelvis, the spine, shoulders, ribs, upper extremity, neck, and jaw. The importance of the feet for whole-body stability is one of the core concepts of the class. When the arches of the feet have problems being too flat or too high, the body undergoes stress patterns, and a multitude of clinical ailments throughout the body may result. This class teaches the student how to analyze the patient, look for subluxation patterns, treat them and help their patients with home and lifestyle care. It involves hands-on examination/evaluation, modeling adjusting techniques, usage of physiotherapy modalities (i.e. cold laser, etc.), elastic taping protocols, and exercise procedures for all appropriate regions of the body. We also cover usage and marketing of ancillary products (custom orthotics, pillows, etc.) that are helpful for our patients and our practice.