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2024-01 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Overview by Mark Gabriel, DC

Total Credits: 1 CA, 1 DC, 1 Meets Requirement for Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency
Mark Gabriel, DC
54 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Introduction to DEI (1 hour) 

A. Importance of Culturally Responsive Clinicians 1. Integration of Cultural Competency 2. Cultural Humility Practices in Personal and Professional Lives 

B. Terminology: Understanding DEI 1. Definition and Scope 2. Key Concepts: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity 

C. Significance of DEI 1. Why DEI Matters in Healthcare 2. Impact on Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction 3. Creating Inclusive Healthcare Environments 

D. Investment in Intercultural Communication 1. Effective Communication Strategies 2. Building Trust Across Cultures



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The Wellness Center PDX

Originating from Cairo, Dr. Gabriel of The Wellness Center PDX transitioned from early pharmacy roots to chiropractic care, earning his doctorate from Palmer College. With 15 years in healthcare, he emphasizes research-based treatments, blending advanced medical technology with holistic care. An active Oregon Chiropractic Association member, he also contributes to Portland's Rotary and Toastmaster Clubs. Dr. Gabriel cherishes his NE Portland life, enjoying snowboarding and Spartan races.